It is usually believed among property investors that dealing in property files may be how to evade the new taxes obligatory by the Govt. of Pakistan according to the Budget 2016-17. This stands true as variety of latest taxes in Associate in Nursing redoubled quantitative relation square measure currently applicable on transferable property, which might on no account apply on the acquisition of Associate in Nursing official document file.

Could this be the rationale that the speed of plot files has gone up in DHA Gujranwala? it’s uncertain, however the very fact remains that a lot of investors UN agency are presently busy assessing the implications of the recent tax amendments are considering buying these files. For these people, this text intends dialogue; totally different aspects of the recent value hike seen in DHA Gujranwala plot files and conjointly debate whether or not finance during this project might be a secure bet at the instant.

Observed prices trends of 2016

In the starting of the year, the Ten Marla and One Kanal Affidavit file price in DHA Gujranwala was PKR 18,00,000 (Rupees Eighteen Lac Only) and 28,00,000(Rupees Twenty Eight Lac Only) respectively with marginal ups and downs seen within the preceding month. There was few worth rise noticed between January and Apr 2016, then again came Ramadan, a month usually thought of slow for property business and raised these rates to Twenty Four Lac and Thirty Five Lac for Ten Marla and One Kanal plot files.

At the instant, buying a Ten Marla file DHA Gujranwala could be a deal of Twenty-Five Lac. Those wanting to get a One Kanal plot file would have got to pay PKR Thirty-Six Lac. Please note that rates quoted during this article are for the testimony files as allocation files don’t seem to be being listed at the instant. Temporary halt seen within the file transfer procedure from DHA’s side. Moreover, investors are drawn to purchasing these files because the transfer fee for Ten Marla and One Kanal allocation file is PKR One Lac and Fifty Four Thousand and PKR Two Lac Forty Five Thousand in this order.

Does the value/prices hike rest on solid ground?

If you merely look into the enhanced prices and think about it in terms of proportion rise, it would seem that one thing huge is predicted to happen in DHA Gujranwala in terms of development. Several agents may additionally lure you into buying these files at higher rates, suggesting that the files presently on the market can before long be gone to the secondary customer, going you with no choice however to select the allocation file that comes with an extra price in terms of transfer fee. There is, however, another aspect to the story!

At the instant, DHA has allowed solely a few of memo of Understanding (MoU) holders to deal in DHA Gujranwala files. This has semiconductor diode to a short lived shortage of files, making a man-made demand within the market. Moreover, transfer of allocation files has additionally been closed down for reasons not shared by the DHA Office itsself. All of this has combined to make a significant publicity for these files, therefore excess demand and limited availability have inflated the rates.

What ought to be done?

Purchasing DHA Gujranwala files is not at all one thing we might suggest because the rates will certainly drop before long. Albeit the rates don’t revert to the recent costs, the distinction can still be vital. It’s expected that DHA can enable additional dealers to trade instrument and allocation files in a very number of weeks, which can successively increase the quantity of files on the market within the market and fix the prevailing shortage.there’ll definitely be a correction therefore if you’re trying to get DHA Gujranwala files, you ought to anticipate another fortnight and meantime keep a watch on the rates.

For plot file owners, WHO are bored with seeing the project at a standstill and can’t anticipate an indefinite amount of your time to examine the project’s launch and connected development, transactions of the files at present prices may a blessing in disguise.

Status of DHA Gujranwala in coming days?

The issues that have unbroken the project from seeing an officer launch still exist and also the authority involved doesn’t appear terribly inquisitive about going to them. From wherever I see it, once the rates quiet down, DHA Gujranwala can yet again become a passive project of the growing town that has seen several personal societies grow and reward investors with concrete developments resting on the rear of developers’ solid commitments.