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This is an issue we’ve got been asked variety of times by our beloved readers, thus it deserves a solution. In today’s web log post, WE shall discuss this standing and also the future prospects of DHA town metropolis, thus let’s begin trying in to what’s happening during this project.

DHA town metropolis was launched five years past in 2010. Initially, it had been thought that DHA town metropolis was phase IWE clinical trial of DHA EME Sector, however the Defence Housing Authority named it DHA town metropolis.

Though the placement of the society remains unclear, its files ar being listed within the market. The file-holders paid their last instalments in Dec 2013, however they’re still hopeful concerning the longer term of the society, and that they ought to be, because it may be a DHA project and DHA has nevertheless to foil its investors.

But costs of most property files are presently below beginning levels in DHA town metropolis. 10-marla plot files are being oversubscribed at virtually Rupees hundred thousand in loss and 1-kanal plot files are being listed at Rupees Six Hundred Thousand in loss compared to their booking values. solely 5-marla files are proving to be profitable at the instant, as they’re being listed at virtually Rupees One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Only.

WE have been asked by some readers concerning the impact of the metropolis route (LRR)’s southern loop on DHA town metropolis. WE might prefer to tell you that the design & Development Department has not nevertheless disclosed the precise map of the southern loop, however supported my personal observations, WE will solely subtly state that the event of the route may additionally encourage be helpful for DHA town metropolis to some extent, provided the society is developed near DHA EME Sector.

That is all concerning the DHA town metropolis for the day. WE hope you bought the answers to most of your questions on the neck of the woods from this post. However, if there’s still one thing you would like to debate, WE will be able to be happy to own a talk with you within the comments section below.